Keeping Heat Where it Belongs

friends relaxing in the hot tub

Premium Perimeter Insulation

Sealing warmth in

The Arctic Spas® difference can be found in each of our features, including our self-supporting shell which is perfectly complemented by our Heatlock® insulation system.

The freestanding nature of your Arctic Spasshell allows ambient heat from internal pumps to penetrate through it, heating your spa water and providing seating that is always warm to the touch. This revolutionary utilization of residual heat also drastically reduces the energy required to heat your spa water, effectively lowering running costs and offering an environmentally friendly way to unwind in the blissful comfort of hot water.

The Right Insulation, in the Right Places

Creating the Perfect Cocoon of Warmth

Although it is believed that more can be better, this is not the case for your hot tub’s insulation. Whereas other spas have thick layers of constricting spray foam throughout, Arctic Spas® opts to provide the right, high quality insulation in all the right places. Instead of completely sealing off internal components with foam, preventing easy repairs and maintenance, Heatlock® utilizes high density insulation in the walls, flooring, and upper lip of your spa, harnessing heat to reduce energy consumption.

The result is a cocoon of heat that offers two-way warming for your spa’s water and internal elements.

Peace of Mind Freeze Protection

Days of Frost-FreeInternal Elements

Through perfectly placed insulation, Heatlock® completely protects your spa’s internal elements from frost, freezing, and bursting in the event of power loss or severe weather systems.

Due to the insulation-free barrier between your spa’s shell and internal cabinet, heat from internal pumps is not only locked inside, but is also drawn from your hot tub’s water in the event of power loss. Whether you require energy efficient hot tub heating, or internal freeze protection, this two-way warming serves you and your spa in every situation.

By developing innovative features that are born out of a desire for convenience, Arctic Spas’ Heatlock® system is able to provide peace of mind freeze protection for your hot tub and its internal elements.